The makeupup remover wipes that are kind to the environment

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Amazon shoppers also have hailed these Reusable Make Up Remover Pads'a great way to reduce waste'.

The eco friendly, reusable and washable cleansing pads are best for removing makeup with your favourite cleanser or for applying toner. They are also an easy swap if you are attempting to become more environmentally conscious because they can used over and over again.

One client said:'As long as you regularly do your laundry and recall to throw these in there is not any downside to purchasing these pads. They remove makeup with ease, are very durable (endure washing and tumble drying) but also gentle on skin.

'If you are debating getting these only do it! It is fantastic for the environment, for your own face, and to your pocket'

Another added:'All these are incredible, I'm annoyed I did not discover them sooner.'

Made of premium special bamboo cloth, they're also gentler on the skin also, unlike many cotton pads, aren't filled with substances which aren't only bad for your skin, however, may eventually filter into the sea, rivers and soil when the disposed of.

They're also super easy to take care of. Simply pop them in the mesh bag supplied, wash them in your normal laundry load and then leave to dry naturally.

According to the new'one organic makeup remover pads can be used up to 1000 times'.

But in the event that you ever feel like your pads have seen better times, then simply cut them up and add to your compost bin - defeats filling landfills with cotton pads.

Better yet, cleaning your face and draining your conscience has never been cheaper or more convenient, as these pads are available on Amazon Prime and cost only #9.99 for 18 bamboo makeup remover pads, compared to an ordinary bunch of disposable, single-use cotton pads in the local beauty retailer costing around #2.69.

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