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This is on just how to dye RC parts making use of RIT color in powder form. I am not responsible if you damages or destroy any one of your parts using this method. I am just showing you how I do this as well as what result this approach has.


I will use dyed parts in my quadcopter develop, nonetheless hole action is just for looks. It has nothing to do with function.:-RRB-.

RIT color is item for coloring fabric. However, individuals determined that this things dyes plastic products effectively and it's incredibly popular within RC neighborhood. Black color in particular dyes things flawlessly and it's practically impossible to inform if something is colored or not. Substantial benefit of dyeing is that you can't scratch it of and also it doesn't add added layer like paint does.


1. This process is completely IRREVERSIBLE, so make sure that this is what you want!
2. If you sprinkle the dye on the range or kitchen area aspect, tidy it ASAP. Color will certainly leave marks on virtually anything (plastic, wood ...). Know that danger!
3. Temperature, on one hand, is necessary for appropriate dyeing ( color doesn't really do anything in cold water), however on the other hand heat might thaw the plastic. So, be very cautious with water temperature level. If you warp something like connector you will certainly have hard time to plug it in later.
4. Be aware that by dyeing anything that has metal parts you risk corrosion. Dye itself doesn't influence steel, however water does. So e.g. wires as well as ports (T-plug) could corrode if you don't dry them correctly. Also, you can not truly protect against water from entering the cable so understand that risk. You can't dry it entirely either. I recommend not utilizing very first few inches of dyed cord ideally.


1. rc shops uk recommend to stick with BLACK color just. You can dye get rid of various other colours also, nonetheless, outcomes aren't usually that great. Also, you can only color from light to dark colours. So, e.g. you can dye white plastic to any colour, yet blue can only be dyed black.
2. Make sure that all parts are totally clean and devoid of any type of dirt, oil and/or oil. Dye will not pass through trough this and also you will end up with irregular and unsightly results.
3. RIT dye will not color stainless-steel pots and they are simple to tidy after coloring. Also, you can safely utilize them for cooking afterwards. However, the best means is to utilize some old pot that you do not utilize for food preparation any longer.
4. I use around 1/3 of the bag for the quantity of water I've utilized in the video. Obviously, for more water you need much more color.
5. You can recycle color. Just warmth it up again and you are good to go. Obviously, you can not color stuff constantly without including a lot more dye. Yet you will observe when there is to little color, do not worry.:-RRB-.
6. Dyeing typically takes between 15-30 mins, nevertheless it depends upon kind of plastic and also it might use up to a hr. If something does not dye even after an hour it possibly will never ever dye. Most plastics dyes simply great and also cords to. You can't color metal parts!
7. I usually make use of a peace of timber for stirring. It's excellent because it sops water so it's a lot more challenging to unintentionally splash around. You can likewise use a peace of cutlery (fork, spoon or something).
8. When coloring servo wires it's good concept to get rid of pins from servo adapter and dye cords with pins yet without connectors. In this way you don't take the chance of melting or buckling the adapter and also it's a lot much easier to dry this later which is very important to prevent rust.
9. If you have few larger parts instead of several small ones, you can just make use of fishing string as well as loophole them all together. This way you will have the ability to pull them out conveniently. For tiny parts I recommend making use of some kind of basket like I did.

You need:.

RIT dye in powder kind.

Stainless steel pot, range, paper towel, aluminium foil and something to avoid parts from staying with all-time low of the pot ( angling cord will do for bigger parts).