I am 19 years old whats the cheapest car insurance for a old ford ranger wit a lot of miles on it

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I have a concern a few my auto insurance PLEASE HELP ME?
I store the full UK provisional certificate and am 17. I'm having driving classes. I'm just wondering of any vehicles with cheap insurance for when I pass my check as I'm going to be finding a car for my birthday in April. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/auto-insurance-san-antonio-tx-how-buy-best-enrique-gimenez 'm a girl thus no son racing vehicles
Im 17... AUTO https://ourdoings.com/batchelorboyd94cbjdcg/ ?
Home insurance cost in auburndale nyc zip code 11358?
"Alright so https://www.empowher.com/users/bossenstrand12 is due 9th February"I just need to know if it is an option to be on someone aside from your families motor insurance