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Proper reflow overn routine maintenance can increase its life cycle, keep the equipment in good condition, and increase manufacturing performance and product quality. One particular of the most crucial responsibilities for appropriately sustaining a reflow oven is take away the constructed-up flux residue inside the oven's chamber. Even though there is a flux assortment method in modern day reflow machines, there still is a huge chance tha flux will adhere to the inert air ventilation pipe and thermal regulator panel. This will trigger inaccurate thermal data readings and the thermal controller will make the wrong adjustment recommendations.

How to Sustain a reflow oven? is a list of day-to-day, house-maintaining responsibilities to be attained for maintaining a reflow oven:
Clean and wipe down the equipment daily. Make a neat workplace.

Verify conveyor chains, sprockets, mesh and the automatic lubrication system. Add lubricate oil on time.
Clear the photoelectric switches which detect no matter whether a board is within or outstide of the reflow oven.
Additiona How to Sustain a reflow oven? consist of:
After the chamber temperature decreases to room temperature, open the hood and cleanse the inside area of chamber with a proper cleansing agent.
Clean How to Keep a reflow oven? with a cleaning agent.
Vacuum the chamber and eliminate the flux residue and soldering balls
Check and clear the air blower
Examine and substitute the air filter
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